History of Ham Radio: KEØOG’s Notes

At our last meeting, Dave Casler, KEØOG, gave a presentation on the history of ham radio. The notes he used, which provide a chronology of radio-related events for more than a century, may be found by clicking here. Other world events are also included to provide perspective. These notes are compiled from many sources, including particularly the the ARRL’s Ham Radio History page, several Wikipedia articles, ham radio history compiled by Rod Dinkins, AC6V (SK) (he provides a list of many contributors), and the excellent and detailed history on the site of Thierry Lombry, ON4SKY.

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MARC History by Bob Schaeffer, KJØG

This was posted elsewhere and definitely belongs here. The talk Bob gave was in 2011.

The Montrose Amateur Radio Club (MARC), located in Montrose, Colorado, recently (2011) celebrated its 50th birthday. Bob Schaeffer, KJØG, is one of the original members! He and his wife Connie, KØGAS, are avid contesters and have been very active in club affairs. Last night (remember: 2011) he read to us some reminiscences about the early days of the club. Since he was the only one there who is still around, this is priceless, irreplaceable history. He gave me permission to put his speech here.

Early PS/DR MARC Activities © 2011 Bob Schaeffer

Early activites in MARC were primarily theory lessons (NRI), followed closely by operator training development such as Field Day. The first crop of members were adults. Most everyone built most of their own gear. The equipment manufacturers of the day were National, Hallicrafters, Hammarlund, and Collins (top of the line). Since home-built gear did not lend itself to AM phone, or the new-fangled SSB, most interest was in CW. Continue reading

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Video of February Antenna Party

Dave Casler, KEØOG, presented the following video at the March club meeting to show what happened at the February antenna party. The party was organized by Royce Seymour, AAØJD, to prepare the Field Day antennas for the upcoming Field Day.

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Video of Collins 75A-4 Operating

Dave Casler, KEØOG, gave a presentation at the March, 2014, club meeting about the Collins 75A-4 receiver. This is the video he showed to introduce the presentation:

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New Board Takes Reins at March Meeting

The new board. L-R, Jeff Sheetz, KDØJCJ, Secretary and Activities Director; Mary Barclay, KDØMSQ, President; Ken Herrick, KDØQGK, Vice President; and Chris DePuy, WBØITG, Treasurer

The new board. L-R, Jeff Sheetz, KDØJCJ, Secretary and Activities Director, Mary Barclay, KDØMSQ, President, Ken Herrick, KDØQGK, and Chris DePuy, WBØITG, Treasurer. Photo by Dave Casler, KEØOG, Webmaster.

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Info on Weekly Nets added to website

The net script documents are now online so that net controllers can be sure of having the latest documents. The net control operator list, the net script, and the roll call list can all be found by clicking here. Note also that a link to the net documents is now included in the masthead.

As the documents are updated, they go to the webmaster for posting online.

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Collins 75A-4 to be featured at MARC meeting Friday, March 21st

I’m giving a presentation on the Collins 75A-4 receiver this Friday, March 21st, 2014, at the club meeting at the Olathe Community Center. I’ll be bringing the radio and will give a presentation that tells all about it. I made this little video as a teaser—it shows the 75A-4 receiving both CW and SSB on 20-meters.

The 75A-4 fell into my lap many years ago. It’s been sitting in the basement waiting for some tender loving care to bring it back to life. I brought it up last week using a technique Royce Seymour, AAØJD, told me about, and am delighted that every feature works! All 22 tubes seem to be fine, and without my touching any of the alignment, the set brings in signals just fine.

This 1955-era radio was then considered “top of the line” and is still a fine ham-band-only receiver. I brought it up slowly, gradually increasing the voltage, and was delighted to find that after at least 20 years dormant, it works fine! I’m sure a little more tuning will really make it jump.

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Tech class starting

I am starting a Technician class this Sunday March 2, 1500 hrs -1700hrs, 533 N. 5th St Montrose, CO. Contact KC0UER at 970-417-6142.

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Feb 24th Field Day Antenna Repair Party

What happens when you get a bunch of hams together at the local telephone exchange? Lots of fun, lots of gabbing, and two of our big Field Day antennas got repaired too! Here’s a fun 9-minute video highlighting the work done. It has interviews with many of the participants, plus shows what we were up to. If you missed the party, you missed a lot of good camaraderie and fun.

Many thanks to all who participated in the interviews. Unfortunately, I lost one of the interviews because of sound issues—I’ll try again at the next club event! And a very special thanks to Royce Seymour, AAØJD, for organizing the event, and to Ken Herrick, KDØQGK, for obtaining the CenturyLink venue!

On my personal blog at www.dcasler.com, I describe the making of the video.

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2014 Calendar of Events Posted

Standing Activities

  • Weekly on-the-air net, 147.195 repeater, 7pm local Mountain time every Sunday evening. 3992.5 KHz, 7:30pm local Mountain time every Sunday evening.
  • Monthly Club Meeting. The monthly meetings are held the third Friday of every month (except December) at 7:00 pm at the Olathe Community Center. NOTE: Members may gather for dinner at 5:00 pm prior to the club meetings. The location is the Busy Corner/White Kitchen on Main Street in Olathe.
  • Monthly Club Breakfast. The monthly club breakfast is at 8:00 am on the first Saturday of every month, alternating between Delta and Olathe. Look for the announcement on the home page.
  • Annual Christmas Party is held the first Sunday in December at 1:00 pm.

Activities Calendar, 2014

Here are events planned for 2014:

Activity Dates Coordinator
Black Canyon Ascent run Saturday, May 17 Chris DePuy, WBØITG
Tailgate Party, Lion’s Pavilion, Confluence Park, Delta Saturday, June 7, 8:00 a.m. Steve Schroder, KIØKY
Field Day, Sunset Mesa Saturday, June 28, and Sunday, June 29 Royce Seymour, AAØJD
Rocky Mountain Division Convention Friday, July 11 N/A
Hard Rock 100 race Friday, July 11, and Saturday, July 12 Chris DePuy, WBØITG
Grand Mesa 100 race Saturday, July 26, and Sunday, July 27 Bob Barclay, KDØJRK, and Mary Barclay, KDØMSQ
Colorado QSO Party Saturday, August 30 Lew French, KCØUER
Imogene Pass Run Saturday, September 6 Chris DePuy, WBØITG, repeaters;
Richard Wojciechowski, KCØVQC, staffing
Simulated Emergency Test October TBD Steve Schroder, KIØKY
Skywarn Recognition Day Saturday, December 6 Lew French, KCØUER
MARC Christmas Party Sunday, December 7 Royce Seymour, AAØJD
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