President’s report 7-14-19

Good evening to everyone on the net.

Not much to report, I will not be at the club meeting next week since we will be camping. Steve Schroder KI0KY will be covering.

I did stop by on Saturday at the EOC to see the progress on the radio installs and to drop off some brackets for that task. Bill KC0QXX, Steve KI0KY and Stan AD0ST were making good progress.

Also I spoke with Chris KE0SED who provided his call sign for a previous president’s report.

Please come out to the meeting Friday and help with Grand Mesa and Silverton races if you can.

Great big THANK YOU to KE0OG for submitting our stats for Field Day!

KK6RNV back to net.

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MARC Field Day Results

Here’s the submission I made on behalf of the club.

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July 13, 2019, VE Session Cancelled

Art Phillips reports he has received no preregistrations, so the VE Testing Session scheduled for July 13th is cancelled.

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President’s Report 7-7-19

Good evening to everyone on the net. I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July and enjoyed the long weekend.

Our monthly breakfast was yesterday in Olathe we had a total of 10 in attendance. Our regular waitress Trina is no longer working weekends so Cassie took very good care of us.

Afterwards some of us did Auxcom training at the EOC in Delta. I will let Steve KI0KY share about the specifics.

Other than that I want to make sure everyone knows the club meeting has been switched back to our normal date this month, Friday July 19th, because Hard Rock was cancelled.

I won’t be at the meeting since we will be taking our grand kids camping. However I believe we need people to help with Grand Mesa and Silverton races, which will be the following weekends. Please come out and sign up to help with one of the stations. We need someone to provide snack for the meeting.

I want to thank Tom and Dave for the great pictures they took of Field Day.


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Ham Radio Equipment for Sale

Ham Radio gear from SK Harvey Coonts is being offered for sale. Please see the following:

LEW, Here is that list again with a CORRECTED phone #
would appreciate if you could get it out to the members.
My apologies on the wrong phone # in the origional one

Subject: Fw: Silent Key equipment for sale.

Lew could you pass this on? JJ

ICOM IC- T2H with alkaline battery pack
ICOM 2AT Handheld With charger but no guarantee on present battery.
ICOM IC 207 dual band mobile
ICOM 2200 mobile
ASTRON RS 35 M Liner Power supply
Astron RS 20 A
MFJ 259 B HF/VHF SWR analizer
Hy Gain direction controller for Yagi
What appears to be a 2 or 3 band YAGI with rotor.
ALSO r 40ft mast / tower rigged with some type of leverage device for lowering?
Henry Radio 2-KD Classic linear Amp
MFJ Versa tuner III
Kenwood TS 450 S
Kenwood TS 570 D (?with tuner?)
What appears to be a UHF?/or VHF? Or FM radio yagi.
What appears to be a vertical ringo ranger??

Many of the above items are no longer supported by the manufacture. The family representative has indicated they will agree to a 1 week or 10 day time period to test equipment and return if not operable??
For Viewing contact AMANDA MORENO 909-636-9796 or E-Mail to

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More Palmieri Field Day 2019 Photos

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Field Day Saturday Photos from Tom Palmieri

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Field Day 2019 in pictures

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President’s Report 6-23-19

Good evening and Happy Field Day weekend to everyone on the net. We survived!

The club was very busy this weekend; Friday we had 15 at dinner and 27 at our club meeting. We had a couple guests including Claire KE0MVO and Louise from Gunnison as well as Virgil who is interested in getting his license.

Dave Casler KE0OG surprised us by giving away a couple items, apologies in advance if I get this wrong, a DMR digital 2 way radio and Bencher keyer. Thanks Dave!

Our program was on “Free Phone Service” for ham operators. If you were unable to attend or would like the information mentioned please email Stan at

Also Steve KI0KY and Royce AA0JD went over last minute info for Field Day.

What a Field Day it was! The long timers all agree they don’t ever remember a Field Day quite like this one; sunny, then lighting, rain, windy and even hail, was the order of the day and night. It definitely kept us on our toes; as we had to disconnect antennas a couple times, however in spite of all the craziness we still managed to do pretty well with contacts. Royce will probably share during personal comments. I met Sharon KE0NTZ who came out for her first field day and Harry, (I didn’t get his call) came out from Hotchkiss and Chris, (KE0SED) and his 3 daughters, from Montrose were a huge help.

I want to say Thank You to everyone that braved the conditions and came out, your help was greatly appreciated!

That’s all for now, KK6RNV back to net control.

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Field Day 2019 Saturday June 22 thru Sunday June 23rd Sunset Mesa in Montrose CO

Set up starts at 8 am Saturday morning. Field day is noon Saturday until noon Sunday.

Take Chipeta Rd to Sunset Mesa Rd left. At the top of the mesa turn left you will see us there with all the antennas. Don’t forget to bring dinnerware Saturday.

Hope to see everyone there!

Sunset Mesa

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