President’s report

Sorry, I wasn’t able to make the net last night, so if this is a repeat I apologize.

We had 20 in attendance at the club meeting Friday. Lew and Royce provided information for Winter Field Day which is Jan 25-26. They will be setting up appox 08:30 am. The event will go from 12 noon Saturday to 12 noon Sunday. Everyone is encouraged to stop by, help set up, get on the radio, enjoy some good food or help tear down. The location is the parking lot at the EOC in Montrose.

Programs: Steve went over emergency net procedures for Sunday night net and I did a quick show and tell regarding the email service provider(mail chimp) the club  is now using to send out emails.

Thank you Royce for bringing the fantastic goodies! We enjoy being your test subjects for you to try out new recipes.

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