President’s report 3-15-20

Good evening to everyone on the net. Thanks Dick for taking the net.

As many of you know, this Friday is our monthly meeting. In light of the current situation, I would like to take a poll to find out how many will be attending.

March is the month we pass our yearly budget, so we will need a quorum to do so.  According to our Bylaws we will need 10% of the currently membership to make a quorum and pass a budget for our upcoming year.

Since we do not have any reported cases of the coronavirus in Montrose, and that our meetings are less than the 250 threshold, I would like to propose we proceed with our monthly meeting as planned.

However, since the majority of our membership is the “target demographic” I want to get your input.

Also as an alternative to physically attending, we are going to set up a zoom meeting invite so you can participate even if you can’t physically attend. Be sure to sign up to get the zoom meeting info.

When we poll the members tonight, please let me know if you plan to attend Friday’s meeting either in person or via Zoom in addition to anything you may be buying or selling via the swap net.

Tomorrow is our board meeting so if there are any changes I will post them on our website and send out an email.

That’s all I have for now.

KK6RNV back to net.

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3 Responses to President’s report 3-15-20

  1. Steve says:

    Hi Kathy,

    I think I have everything set up to join the Friday meeting via Zoom.
    Nothing to buy or sell on the swap-net.
    Steve N7SE

  2. Colin Skelding says:

    Hey all-

    I’ve decided to stay home for the Friday meeting.

    Due to school closings, it looks like proceeding with the Middle School Amateur Radio day won’t be happening at Cedar Ridge Middle School.

    I made a couple attempts to contact the school and last message was on Thursday. Friday I suspected the school was closed. Pomona was closed for some conference or other. Then Friday the news got out that all schools were closed until further notice. April is a definite no and I suspect May may be the same- we’ll see.

    • Kathy Joslin says:


      Thanks for following up. I sent out email that we are doing the meeting via Zoom on Friday. Hope you can join us.


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