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Message to members: I am in search of VACUUM TUBES. Part of my hobby involved restoring old audio amplifiers and working on old transmitters. A few years ago I didn’t think I was going to have the time to complete some projects. So, at the urging of my XYL I donated 15,000 unused vacuum tubes to a museum free of charge. Now I am in a pickle because I DO have some time and have no tubes. Upon contacting the museum they refused to let me have any of the tubes back. I only needed 30 or so. I was taken back when they even refused to let me pay for them. So, I am looking for a ham that has some tubes he/she might want to part with. I can pay cash, work a trade or any combination. A few hams have been EXTREMELY generous and donated a few tubes for free. That is great also but not necessary. Can anyone lend me a hand with this? 73, Len WA3TJO My email is My phone is 970-462-8929 ANYTIME. I am in Montrose.

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