President’s report 6-27-21

Shendi Good evening to everyone on the net. Thanks Stan for taking the net. Wow what a fantastic and successful Field Day! Malīhābād Thanks so much to everyone that came out and helped set up and tear down and work the stations. You guys ROCK!

buy Lyrica online cheap uk This year we had 39 visitors, (I recounted after the net) and helped 8 people “Get on the Air”! I was busy doing tours and talking about the benefits and capabilities of ham radios, but managed to get a few contacts on 40 meters. Our newest member Bob joins us from Gunnison. KS9W and was a huge asset. We hope to see much more of him.

Royce shared we made 1184 contacts. If there were any individual stations that operated they can submit their logs as part of our club. Montrose county amateur radio club so we can add their contact to our numbers.

It was great to see some hams that haven’t participate in a while come out, as well as meet some very interesting visitors.

Have a great week!


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