President’s report 7/11/2021

Good evening to everyone on the net. Thanks Chris for taking the net.

Eggertsville We had our club meeting Friday. We had a total of 27 in attendance 26 in person and one via zoom, I even got to meet Dick KC0JEA.

order cytotec online overnight shipping Again I want to Thank everyone that helped and for their participation in Field Day: Matt and Lisa for the use of their motor home, Stan for rescuing us with last minute laptops, Bill and Stan for bringing their RVs to create the wind breaks, as well as everyone that helped set up, tear down, operate, log, and Royce for coordinating it all. Dave Casler has submitted out info and will be making corrections this week after getting additional info at the meeting. Thanks Dave!

This weekend is the Prince Edward Hard Rock 100 so I am sure most of us will be doing last minute preparations for that. If there are any questions please reach out to Chris.

Have a great week!


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