Field Day 2014: Photos and Video by Jim Adams

Here’s a video that Jim Adams took of the 20-meter beam going up.

And here are Jim’s photos:

Adams 0628140808

Adams 0628140935a

Adams 0628140936

Adams 0628140939

Adams 0628140944

Adams 0628140951

Adams 0628140952

Adams 0628141018

Adams 0628141024

Adams 0628141031

Adams 0628141046a

Adams 0628141047

Adams 0628141047a

Adams 0628141058

Adams 0628141058a

Adams 0628141059a

Adams 0628141120

Adams 0628141121

Adams 0628141125a

Adams 0628141125b

Adams 0628141125c

Adams 0628141126

Adams 0628141133a

Adams 0628141137

Adams 0628141137a

Adams 0628141146

Jim Adams himself

Jim Adams himself

About Dave Casler, KEØOG (Webmaster)

Ham radio operator for over 40 years, Dave Casler holds Amateur Extra class call sign KEØOG. He is the webmaster for the Montrose Amateur Radio Club and is happy to receive articles and photos from club members. Dave enjoys HF SSB ragchewing, PSK-31, APRS, and software-defined radio (SDR).
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1 Response to Field Day 2014: Photos and Video by Jim Adams

  1. Charles Florian says:

    Links like you had a good field day. Recently heard about Bill Meyers SK . We used to be members about 10 years ago. Perhaps the older members may remenber.

    Charlie KC0HGB
    Kathy KE7IQS

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