New MARC Banner: Your Thoughts Count!

Here are three designs for a new banner to be made for the club to be used at events such as the Tailgate Party and Field Day. Please add your comments below. You can support a particular banner, or make recommendations for changes. Randy Cassingham, KØRCC, is in charge of the design.

Design number 1

Design number 1

Design number 2

Design number 2

Design number 3

Design number 3

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About Dave Casler, KEØOG (Webmaster)

Ham radio operator for over 40 years, Dave Casler holds Amateur Extra class call sign KEØOG. He is the webmaster for the Montrose Amateur Radio Club and is happy to receive articles and photos from club members. Dave enjoys HF SSB ragchewing, PSK-31, APRS, and software-defined radio (SDR).
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15 Responses to New MARC Banner: Your Thoughts Count!

  1. John says:

    Thanks for doing this work! Any will do; my preference is 3.


  2. Tom Lamb says:

    I’ll go with banner one. Two is too busy, Three-I doubt if the ARRL line means anything to most who may see it.

    TOM K8ERV Montrose Colo

  3. Tom Lamb says:

    Maybe AMATEUR RADIO CLUB should be in large letters, with a smaller MONTROSE at the beginning, maybe slanted up like a / to make room. I doubt if most viewers will know what ARC means..

    TOM K8ERV Montrose Colo

  4. Note: banner size is 3×8′. The “logo” is based on the great design of the new “get well” cards done by Loretta Casler/KC0VWW.

    I personally like #2 the best, since it helps the lay public what the heck this is about — Amateur Radio — and who it’s for — them!

    I think it’s a great way to inform the public when we’re doing public service communications, such as disasters of course, but also for special events such as Race Support (e.g., Hardrock 100).

  5. Kathleen Raines says:

    I would like to see design #1 modified as follows:

    Communications Provided By
    Amateur Radio In Service To The Community
    [ARRL Symbol] Affiliated

  6. Ed Meininger KE0BYM says:

    They are all great! I’m partial to 2. Thank You for the great designs!

    Ed KE0BYM

  7. Jim says:

    I like #2. I would add “Since ..” whatever date the club was formed.

  8. Ed Meininger KE0BYM says:

    I’m partial to #2.

    Thank You for doing them.


  9. Matt says:

    Design number two is my preference. Will we be allowed to replicate the banner and post it at stations when working events?

    Thanks for doing this. Matt

  10. Ken Herrick says:

    Banner #2 says it all–I think it should be the ONE

  11. Jeff Scheetz says:

    I like #3 the best. It seems to the cleanest look in my opinion.

  12. Richard A Purdy keØcew says:

    the public will not know what “ARC” stands for.
    so it should be spelled out
    “Montrose Amateur Radio Club”

    Thanx for your work

  13. John Renzelman says:

    I would vote for number 2.

  14. Robert and Mary Barclay says:

    we like #3 as it is large enough to see that ARRL title and still has our website on it. But # 2 is also really great. Take your pick and I am impressed with all of them, you did a superb job! Thanks for making such a massive effort. Mary, ( KD0MSQ)

  15. I’m pretty sure no one will have difficulty reading the ARRL line. After offline discussion with Mary, I took the file to the printer on Wednesday, and I’ll have something to show the group at the meeting on Friday!

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