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There is nothing wrong with a ship to ship contact just as for Summits on the Air there is nothing wrong with a summit to summit contact.. However, there are Activators (of summits) and Chasers (of activated summits). Our job as the special event station is to be a target for other hams. If they make 15 contacts they get a certificate. If we submit our log we get a certificate which is supposed to include the names of all of our operators. I have committed to giving a certificate from the USS Montrose N0P to everyone who helps at our station. If contacts calling us are slow, go look for a ship. Other wise, call CQ. If we hear a ship it might be good to set up on a nearby frequency to increase the chances of a ham finding us.

Some guys will want to log the contact, get the exchange and move on. Others may want to rag chew for a while. If they want to rag chew and we don’t have a pile up waiting, rag chew with them. The operating position will include a log book and a book with ship information. Operators must write clearly and record the actual UTC of the contact. We will have a UTC atomic clock. Since there is the Grid Chase underway I think that we should include the grid in our exchange. They can pick and choose from the information book the information that they want to share.

I think that our operators will be able to sense whether the contact wants to move on or stay for a while.

Be friendly. Take your time, Provide information. Have fun. There is no pressure to make one contact a minute. There is no requirement to recite the ship’s full operational history either.

Did you know that one of the Captains of the USS Montrose was a Medal of Honor recipient? That is an interesting story.

Propagation will probably be a challenge. Our beam antenna will be tuned to 20m. The wire dipole will tune 80-10. We will be frequency agile.

73 and I look forward to the event and your participation.


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Ham radio operator for over 40 years, Dave Casler holds Amateur Extra class call sign KEØOG. He is the webmaster for the Montrose Amateur Radio Club and is happy to receive articles and photos from club members. Dave enjoys HF SSB ragchewing, PSK-31, APRS, and software-defined radio (SDR).
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