President’s report 3-3-19

Hello to everyone on the net. This has been a busy week. Wednesday due to the water crisis in Paonia the EOC was activated in Delta. I’d like to thank Stan AD0ST and Jerome K0JJJ, who along with myself were able to assist in setting it up. After we left, Steve KI 0KY took over as Auxcom rep.

Saturday was our club breakfast. We had a total of 12 people at Busy Corner Café in Olathe. Thank you Lew K0LMF for sending out email reminders. Everyone is encouraged to attend. Please sign up for email notifications as we’d love to have you join us. Lew maintains that list.

We had some good conversations. Bill KC0QXX gave us firsthand account of Paonia situation. A gentleman, (I don’t know his name) gave us an update for Larry W7LEV.

The board and I are crossing action items off our “To Do List”. We also want to encourage everyone to get their dues into John KB0RUD.

Looking ahead we have a club meeting on the 15th at Olathe Community Center.  I don’t know who has snack or who is presenting the program since Steve KI0KY is in Grand Junction at Auxcom training this weekend. That’s all I have for now KK6RNV back to net.

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  1. Colin, W0DBB says:

    I believe it might have been Steve, N7SE that gave the update on Larry W7LEV. I was unable to make the meeting (again) so I am just guessing.

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