President report 3-10-19

Good evening to everyone on the net. This week our board has crossed more items off our “To Do” list. One of the things we are trying to do is communicate more effectively. Since some members do not or are not able to participate in the Sunday evening net, we are trying to use the website for additional communication and I thought it would be good to post weekly reports to have as a reference.

I want to Thank Dave Casler KE0OG who has provided access for the board members to make changes and corrections to the website.

Also I’d like t to thank Lew K0LMF who updated our calendar and included a point of contact for each activity or event, which has been posted to the website. This way if you would like to participate or would like additional information about a particular event you have a point person to reach out to.

Next I am hoping to update the current minutes and agendas, so keep checking back.

Looking forward, this Friday will our monthly meeting at Olathe community center. This month we will be discussing and approving the budget.  If you have items you’d like to have considered we will ask for motion to award from the floor. I am not sure who has snack or who will be doing the program, hopefully Steve KI0KY will let us know.

Prior to the meeting, some members have dinner at the Mexican restaurant. Lew K0LMF will send out more information so if you haven’t updated your email address please do so. Also I want to remind everyone to get your dues turned in to John KB0RUD.

Lastly I would like to recognize our youngest participant KE0UQR – Eli. I believe I heard he is 10 years old. Eli, you can correct me if I am wrong, but just wanted to say congratulations on getting your tech license. Good job!

Reminder tomorrow the board will have conference call.

That’s about all I have for now. KK6RVN back to net.

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