President’s Report 4-7-19

Hello to everyone on the net.

We had a great turn out at breakfast Saturday. We had a total of 15 including Bill KC0QXX’s son Adam, who is a ham from WY and was here visiting.

We had some great discussions;

Gary KD0UPN got some pointer from our resident expert Royce AA0JD on where to put his antenna at the new house.

We also had some lively discussions regarding generators, batteries and advancements like LFP batteries.

Lew K0LMF confirmed he will put together “What do you think we should do?’  for our April meeting.  Be sure to come and cast your vote and let us know what events we should participate in as a club.

Looking ahead our meeting will be April 19th; Steve KI0KY didn’t check in this evening and would normally provides the specifics. It will be at the Olathe community center at 7 pm. Chris WB0ITG will be providing snack.

That’s all I have for now.  KK6RNV back to net.

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