March 2019 Minutes

Meeting Minutes  for Montrose Amateur Radio Club    March 15, 2019


Board Members Present;  Kathy Joslin, Pres.    Steve Schroeder, Vice Pres

John Renzelman, Treas.              Chris DePuy, Secretary


Kathy opened meeting at 7 p.m.  The club is wanting to share information on Sunday net and on club’s website.

VP Steve: The meeting snack list is being passed around, please sign.  We are wanting presentations starting in April.

Secretary Chris:  Last month minutes were shown, typo error mentioned.  Bill Bear moved to accept, Dick Schultz seconded, minutes approved.

Treasurer John:  Financial report shown, John explained line items.  Ken Herrick moved to accept, Don seconded, report approved.

Activites:  Lew not present, a 2019 activity schedule has been distributed to members.  Stan W0LQ has applied for Museum Ship Station call sign, we got it.

Delta Auxcomm:  Steve was out of town the weekend Paonia had water emergency, the Delta AuxComm members got the radio station set up and ready for service, thank you.  Future training will have Direction Finding.

VE Steve:  The next test date is May 11.

Ambassador Stan:  He sent 3 get well cards, 1 to Larry Braden, he is slowly getting stronger and doing well; 1 to Harvey Coonts family, Harvey former member had passed away; 1 to Bob Van Luchene who had donated some test equipment to club.  Stan called Loretta C to make more cards for us.

Scholarship Committee John:  The committee met recently, made a decision to give scholar funding to Paonia HS Science Olympiad $400, and $600 to Ridgway HS to select a lucky student for us.

Website  Dave C:  Kathy has been posting news postings for us to read.  If members subscribe on website they will get alerts on new postings.

2019 Budget John:  The proposed budget was shown, John reviewed line items.  After some adjustments, the 2019 budget was approved.

New Business – Activities:  Kathy mentioned the WWV 100 year anniversary, the Northern Colorado ARC is official club to organize special event station, website info.

Adjourn:  Dick moved to adjourn, Steve G seconded, meeting closed at 7:57 p.m.


Chris DePuy, Secretary

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