President’s report 5-12-19

Happy Mother’s day and good evening to everyone on the net.

Not much to report this week, I did hear back from the battery company so they will let us know when they are able to fill the back order.

Steve KI0KY has made arrangements for the tailgate prize which will be Alinco dual-band DMR HT and a complete, ready to go DMR, DStar, Fusion, etc hotspot.

Lew K0LMF and Chris WB0ITG will be reporting on the CCARC meeting at our club meeting.

The Board will have conference call tomorrow at 7pm.

This month’s meeting on May 17th, KE0RHY will be providing snack and the programs will be; Net Training and how to get free phone service for Hams.

Museum ship weekend is June 1 0000 UTC – June 3 2359 UTC.

FYI – All of our upcoming events can be located under the calendar tab.

That’s all I have for now.  KK6RNV back to net.

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