President’s report 6-2-19

Good evening to everyone on the net.

The club was very busy this weekend; we had Museum Ship Weekend in Montrose and our annual Tail Gate swap meet in Delta this weekend. Hopefully we will have summary reports from Lew K0LMF for Museum Ship and Steve KI 0KY for Tail Gate. I want to thank everyone that came out to support those events. We met a gentleman that is opening a chapter of TRR for veterans and their families. Their event is next weekend the 15th. I will post the info on the website for those that are interested.

Looking ahead our meeting is Friday the 21st at the Olathe Community Center and Field Day is the next day Saturday 22nd thru Sunday 23rd at Sunset Mesa in Montrose. Hope to see you there!

That’s all I have for now.  KK6RNV .

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