Ham Radio Equipment for Sale

Ham Radio gear from SK Harvey Coonts is being offered for sale. Please see the following:

LEW, Here is that list again with a CORRECTED phone #
would appreciate if you could get it out to the members.
My apologies on the wrong phone # in the origional one

Subject: Fw: Silent Key equipment for sale.

Lew could you pass this on? JJ

ICOM IC- T2H with alkaline battery pack
ICOM 2AT Handheld With charger but no guarantee on present battery.
ICOM IC 207 dual band mobile
ICOM 2200 mobile
ASTRON RS 35 M Liner Power supply
Astron RS 20 A
MFJ 259 B HF/VHF SWR analizer
Hy Gain direction controller for Yagi
What appears to be a 2 or 3 band YAGI with rotor.
ALSO r 40ft mast / tower rigged with some type of leverage device for lowering?
Henry Radio 2-KD Classic linear Amp
MFJ Versa tuner III
Kenwood TS 450 S
Kenwood TS 570 D (?with tuner?)
What appears to be a UHF?/or VHF? Or FM radio yagi.
What appears to be a vertical ringo ranger??

Many of the above items are no longer supported by the manufacture. The family representative has indicated they will agree to a 1 week or 10 day time period to test equipment and return if not operable??
For Viewing contact AMANDA MORENO 909-636-9796 or E-Mail to missmiss727@rocketmail.com

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  1. Robert Kramer W5IOA says:

    Is this for sale? MFJ 259 B HF/VHF SWR analizer

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