President’s report 7/28/19

No report, however I’d like to thank everyone that participated in the Grand Mesa race as well as Rally Colorado in Rangely. Sounds like you all had some crazy happenings over the weekend.

Hope to see you at C&J’s cafe Saturday 8 am for breakfast and more stories.



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  1. Colin says:

    Had a good time operating at Mesa Top. Lots of people (runners) and staff having a great time- laughing, chatting, ringing bells and yelling for the runners coming thru.

    Lew K0LMF and I had a little problem with the first radio he set up- seems that the receive final was poof (we thought) so TG (thank god) Lew had a second, third radio and an HT. We were active for 99% of the race. Somehow we (I) lost contact, transmit/receive with the other stations but Lew figured out I did an oops and we corrected.

    A runner broke her foot and the Mesa Top aid station asked if we could relay a message and get a ride for the runner to the hospital…. just at the time I had lost contact with the other stations. All is well. The runner got her ride and we got our radio communicating again (laughs).

    I met some very nice people and also Scott and Christy (also very nice) who were in command of the race. They had a job cut out for them for sure!! They always had good things to say, took care of everyone and always had a minute to talk.

    I learned a lot from Lew, setting up the camp and tearing it back down. I was designated wood cutter, running about the tree line gathering enough small branches to burn in the tent stove. Got some exercise using a hatchet to bring the branches down to size (about 6″) to fit in the very small stove. That stove put out some heat!!

    Anyway- a good time for sure! Good luck and be safe for all those participating in the Silverton Ultra, communications, management and runners alike.

    Colin, w0dbb

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