Help support the WWV Centennial Celebration!

Hello Colorado Amateur Radio Clubs!

If you would, please pass this information on to your club members.

Over the weekend of August 24 and 25, special event amateur station WW0WWV plans a trial run and equipment tests for the planned 5-day operation commemorating the 100th anniversary of WWV on October 1, 2019.  We’ll be on the air a limited amount but hope to have a few early QSOs before the main event at the end of September.

We are at a critical time in our preparation and you and your club members can help.  Visit our website,, and consider a tax-deductible donation to help with the expenses of putting on an operation of this scale.

The WWV Centennial Committee is thrilled to have operators from Colorado clubs and across the nation coming to Northern Colorado this fall to help celebrate this milestone in radio history.  The project is a collaboration between WWVARC, NCARC, RMHAM, FCCW, and many others.


NIST, US Dept. of Commerce, operators of WWV, have changed their original plans for October 1, and the official ceremony will now be limited to 100 invited guests only.  NIST had originally posted an open house for October 1, but have reconsidered.  This will NOT impact the operations of WW0WWV, and this makes our operations more of the main public face of the centennial celebration.  Our committee hopes NIST will make a formal announcement about their plans soon.

We appreciate the number of operators who have committed their time to come to Fort Collins and operate for the September 28 – October 2 event.  If you can’t join us, please consider supporting the project with a donation:

Be sure to visit September 28 – October 1 for our current operating frequencies.

Have a great weekend and 73,

Dave, W0DAS

WWV Centennial Committee

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