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Area Repeaters

To find information on local repeaters, check out Repeater Book dot com. Note that repeaters are listed by city/town, so you may need to check several locations in the area to find a repeater. Also check out for ways that various digital modes can cross-connect.

Frequencies to Have in Your VHF/UHF Handhelds and Mobiles and in your HF Rig Memories for Emergency Communications Use

Channel Name Your RX Freq (MHz) Your TX Freq (MHz) CCTSS Tone (Hz) Mode Remarks
Cedaredge Repeater 147.195+ 147.795 107.2 Analog FM
Raspberry Repeater 146.91- 146.31 107.2 Analog FM Uncompahgre Plateau, can be heard in Naturita
Montrose Repeater 146.79- 146.19 100 Analog FM Atop Flattop, N. of Montrose
Paonia Repeater 147.33+ 147.93 107.2 Analog FM
Waterdog Repeater 447.200- 442.200 107.2 Analog FM SE of Montrose atop Waterdog Mtn—repeater is linked to other repeaters
Hill 71 Repeater 147.135+ 147.735 123 Analog FM Lake City
Gunnison Repeater 147.120+ 147.720 CS (?) Analog FM
525 (Simplex) 147.525 147.525 None Simplex FM
460 (Simplex) 147.460 147.460 None Simplex FM
40 Meter Voice 7.230 (simplex) 7.230 None LSB—Lower Sideband HF
80 Meter Digital 3.591 3.591 None USB—Upper Sideband Digital Mode ???????
Channel 1 60 meters 5.3305 (HF) 5.3305 None USB and digital 60 meters is channelized; stay on frequency
Channel 2 60 meters 5.3465 5.3465 None USB and digital
Channel 3 60 Meters 5.3570 5.3570 None USB and Digital
Channel 4 60 Meters 5.3715 5.3715 None USB and Digital
Channel 5 60 Meters 5.4035 5.4035 None USB and Digital
VHF Packet 145.01 (simplex) 145.01 None Packet over analog FM
UHF 1 Simplex 445.100 445.100 None Analog FM
DMR 1 Simplex 441.000 441.000 N/A DMR Simplex
U1 UHF Repeater 449.075- 444.075 None Analog FM Portable Repeater
H2 UHF Repeater 449.100- 445.100 None Analog FM Portable Repeater

8 Responses to Frequency Information

  1. fyi, Ntl UHF call freq is 446.00, not what you have listed

    RACES VTAC is 146.46
    RACES UTAC is 446.100 T100.0
    RACES UTAC2 is 446.200 T100.0


  2. Adam Thomas says:

    I just passed my Tech exam this morning, and I want to make sure I buy something that will work with the local infrastructure near Telluride, CO. What are the commonly used protocols in the area? APRS, DStar, DMR, etc.? I assume 70cm and 2m are the most popular? What do you suggest? I currently live in San Diego, CA.


    • Hi Adam. The infrastructure around here supports FM voice, APRS, and Packet, though there’s very little activity using digital techniques. Repeater listings on the Internet may be out of date or just plain wrong. The listing on this page has not been verified in a long time. Because of the mountains, we’ve found that those in Telluride who wish to connect to the Montrose area often have to do it on HF NVIS on 80 meters. There’s no direct repeater connectivity from Telluride into the Montrose area, though there’s a new repeater on the Uncompahgre Plateau that may help. Sorry to be so vague, but I don’t have a good answer for you. 73, Dave, KEØOG, Webmaster.

  3. Colin Skelding says:

    Hey Dave(?). w0dbb here.

    It’d be nice if the western slope repeater list had lat/long coordinates listed.

    Is there a webpage that has that?

  4. Bill Frost, w0bx says:

    There is a DMR repeater on Grand Mesa near Grand Junction.
    446.9125 Mhz ,
    -5 Mhz offset
    color code 1
    Brandmeister network
    All are welcome to link anywhere on the Brandmeister network. Check the Brandmeister website for repeater details. Come join the fun on DMR!

  5. Steve Delaloye says:

    The IRLP node on the 145.175 MHZ repeater is no longer active.

  6. David Riley N5WNE says:

    I have 3 questions:
    1. For DMR1 is the talk group 99,the time slot 1, and the color code 1?
    2. Is the Gunnison repeater on 147.120 still on the air?
    3. Is there an active repeater on Water Dog with an output on 448.825 with a PL of 100.0?

    Your frequency list is very helpful. Thank you

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