Club Officers and Committees

The Executive Board

Office Person
Contact President
Ken Herrick, KDØQGK
Vice President Steve Schroder, KIØKY
Secretary Bill Bear, KCØQXX
Contact Treasurer
John Renzelman, KBØRUD (See Treasurer’s Page.)
Activities Director Lew French, KØLMF
Past President Ken Herrick, KDØQGK

Other Ongoing Coordinators

Responsibility Person
Ambassador (cards, letters, condolences) Kathleen Raines, K3FZZ
ARES Robert Barclay, KDØJRK
MARS Robert Barclay, KDØJRK
Team Leader, Delta County AUXCOM Steve Schroder, KIØKY
RACES Montrose County Lew French, KØLMF
Skywarn Lew French, KØLMF
Contact Webmaster
Dave Casler, KEØOG, primary
Jeff Scheetz, KDØJCJ, backup
Facebook Page Lew French, KØLMF
Click here for trailer use policy.
Ken Herrick, KDØQGK
Volunteer Examiner (VE) Committee Art Phillips, NN7A
Coax Sales Dick Schultz, KDØESZ

9 Responses to Club Officers and Committees

  1. Matt Goetsch says:

    Steve Schroder is now chairman of the trailer committee, not Bob.

  2. Jerry Hessenflow WBOTWT says:

    Typo error on my call sign for the trailer committee. Need the “W” between the two T’s. Great looking web page.

  3. Richard Wojciechowski says:

    Let’s provide readily- found contact information for any browsers who might be interested in talking to an officer about the club. Perhaps under the Club Officers and Committees block above include e-mail addresses for officers, e.g., etc.

  4. Colin says:

    Seeking to make contact with, KIØKY, Steve.

    Colin Skelding, W1EEK, (KC0DBB, Tech)

    Please, if possible, bave Steve call me.

  5. Colin says:

    Just saying hi hi and hello to everyone. I’m glad to be back with MARC and everyone.

    Colin, w1eek

  6. Dick Schultz says:

    Checking the officers page and it needs updating.
    VP is Steve KI0KY
    Sec is Bill KC0QXX
    Activities is Lew K0LMF
    Races Montrose call is K0LMF

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