Club Officers and Committees

The Executive Board

Office Person
Contact President
Kathy Joslin KK6RNV
Vice President Steve Schroder, KIØKY
Secretary Chris Depuy KBØITG
Contact Treasurer
John Renzelman, KBØRUD (See Treasurer’s Page.)
Activities Director Lew French, KØLMF
Past President Ken Herrick, KDØQGK

Other Ongoing Coordinators

Responsibility Person
Ambassador (cards, letters, condolences) Stan Clark ADØST
MARS Robert Barclay, KDØJRK, and Steve Schroder, KIØKY
Delta County AUXCOM Steve Schroder, KIØKY
RACES Montrose County Lew French, KØLMF
Skywarn Lew French, KØLMF
Contact Webmaster
Dave Casler, KEØOG
Facebook Page Lew French, KØLMF
Click here for trailer use policy.
Ken Herrick, KDØQGK
Volunteer Examiner (VE) Committee Art Phillips, NN7A
Coax Sales Dick Schultz, KDØESZ
VHF Net Manager Dick Schultz, KDØESZ
HF Net Manager Royce Seymour AAØJD

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