More info from Lew about ship event

There is nothing wrong with a ship to ship contact just as for Summits on the Air there is nothing wrong with a summit to summit contact.. However, there are Activators (of summits) and Chasers (of activated summits). Our job as the special event station is to be a target for other hams. If they make 15 contacts they get a certificate. If we submit our log we get a certificate which is supposed to include the names of all of our operators. I have committed to giving a certificate from the USS Montrose N0P to everyone who helps at our station. If contacts calling us are slow, go look for a ship. Other wise, call CQ. If we hear a ship it might be good to set up on a nearby frequency to increase the chances of a ham finding us.

Some guys will want to log the contact, get the exchange and move on. Others may want to rag chew for a while. If they want to rag chew and we don’t have a pile up waiting, rag chew with them. The operating position will include a log book and a book with ship information. Operators must write clearly and record the actual UTC of the contact. We will have a UTC atomic clock. Since there is the Grid Chase underway I think that we should include the grid in our exchange. They can pick and choose from the information book the information that they want to share.

I think that our operators will be able to sense whether the contact wants to move on or stay for a while.

Be friendly. Take your time, Provide information. Have fun. There is no pressure to make one contact a minute. There is no requirement to recite the ship’s full operational history either.

Did you know that one of the Captains of the USS Montrose was a Medal of Honor recipient? That is an interesting story.

Propagation will probably be a challenge. Our beam antenna will be tuned to 20m. The wire dipole will tune 80-10. We will be frequency agile.

73 and I look forward to the event and your participation.


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Museum Ships Weekend

We set up starting 1500 hrs. Friday June 1. This following announcement invites the public to visit on June 2 an 3.

USS Montrose Ham Radio Event

Remember the USS Montrose and celebrate the international Museum Ships Weekend

June 2, 8 AM – 5 PM and June 3, 10 AM – 5 PM
At the USS Montrose Memorial
440 S 1st Street Montrose, CO

Sponsored by the Montrose Amateur Radio Club and the American Legion Amateur Radio Club, American Legion Post 73

For Information Contact: Lew French 970-417-6142

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Tailgate Party Coming Up Soon: June 2nd

The Montrose Amateur Radio Club will hold its annual Tailgate Party on June 2, 2018 at the Lions Pavilion, Confluence Park, Delta from 8AM to 11 AM. Talk-in frequency is 147.195+ 107.2

The Tailgate Party is an opportunity to buy, sell, and trade amateur radio equipment and socialize with area hams. Those interested in the participating in ham radio can learn more about the hobby and pick up some good equipment at bargain price.

According to Steve Schroder, the event coordinator, “This is a great opportunity for old and new hams to get together. Recently several new hams have gotten their first licenses and need to acquire some radio equipment at good prices. Older hams always have excess equipment that they no longer need. We will also have a door prize consisting of a new ICOM mobile dual band radio. There is no cost for admittance. Everyone is automatically entered for the door prize.

Tables for sellers are available for five dollars a table. You must be present to win the door prize. For more information contact Steve Schroder at 970-201-5997.

Location of MARC Tailgate Party for Saturday, 2 June 2018

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Help Work the Museum Ship Weekend

Amateur radio operators from the Montrose Amateur Radio Club and the American Legion Amateur Radio Club Post 73 are participating in the upcoming Museum Ships Weekend amateur radio event by putting the USS Montrose Memorial on the air. Members of both clubs will operate an amateur radio station from near the memorial on South First Street, Montrose on June 2 and 3, 2018 as part of the world wide event sponsored by the Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station.

The event encourages ham radio operators around the world to contact as many of the participating museum ships as possible, learn the history of the ships contacted, and commemorate both the ships and those who served upon them. There are currently 88 ships from 7 countries participating in the event.

The USS Montrose Memorial consisting of the ship’s bell and an interpretative plaque is located adjacent to the Montrose City Hall. The amateur radio station will be located across the street from the memorial and just west of the Montrose Police Department.

While the station will continue to operate during the night, the public is encourage to visit the station during the day Saturday and Sunday. There will be an opportunity to learn about the USS Montrose, its history of service during World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, and to see amateur radio in operation.

For additional information contact Lew French, 970-417-6142,, visit, or visit the Montrose Amateur Radio Club on Facebook.

Here is a tentative schedule:

Friday June 1 1500 hrs Begin set up of antennas and club camp trailer.
1800 hrs Begin operating
2200 hrs Shut down for the night.

Saturday June 2 0600 hrs Begin operating
0700 hrs Begin set up of awning and display table
1700 hrs Shut down display area
2200 hrs Shut down for the night

Sunday June 3 0600 hrs Begin operating
1000 hrs Set up awning and display area
1600 hrs Tear down awning and display area
1800 hrs Stop operating, complete tear down, leave the site

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Club Member Jim Adams Works New AO-92 Satellite

Club Member Jim Adams AAØCW (Montrose) has worked a new FM satellite AO-92 with a 1 watt Baofeng ht and Arrow handheld antenna in his front yard. Jim made 8 contacts from California to Ohio to Tennessee on the 435.350 MHz uplink and 145.880 MHz downlink. Jim’s activity was recorded by Patrick Stoddard, WD9EWK, in Arizona, along with other satellite activity.

Amateur Radio satellite information can be found on Jim says, “FM satellites are easy and fun to work with a regular HT.”

Here’s the video. Patrick Stoddard writes: “Listening to the AO-92 (Fox-1D) satellite’s 145.880 MHz FM downlink from Scottsdale, Arizona (DM43bl), on Friday 26 January 2018, at 1635-1641 UTC.”

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January, 2018, Meeting Photos

Jim Adams, AAØCW, provides two pictures from last night’s meeting:

January, 2018, business meeting. Ken Herrick Standing. Photo by Jim Adams, AAØCW.


Dave Casler, KEØOG, tunes his new MicroBITX radio using a Chameleon Loop Antenna. Photo by Jim Adams, AAØCW.

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Dates Announced for 2018 VE Testing

Art Phillips, NN7A, our VE Liaison, has announced the 2018 VE testing dates. The sessions will be held at 10:00 a.m. at the Cedaredge Masonic Lodge as usual.

2018 Dates:

  • Feb 24th
  • April 14th
  • June 9th
  • Sept 15th
  • Nov 3rd

See the VE Testing Page for more information.

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Archives Page Added

An Archives Page has been added to store older material, such as the print copies of MARC’s newsletter. See here.

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Imogene Run Telluride photos

Bill Bear provides these photos of the MARC station at the finish aid station for the annual Imogene Run, which took place on September 9th.

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Club Members Compete in CO QSO Party

Bill Bear sends these pictures of the operation mounted by Royce Seymour, Steve Schroder, and Bill Bear. The CO QSO party rules allow participants who operate on a county line to give out both counties. The Colorado QSO Party took place on 2 and 3 Sept 2017.

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