Cedaredge Repeater 118.8

The repeater now needs a 118.8 tone.

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President’s report 10-11-20

Good evening, thanks Dick for taking the net and everyone for overcoming and switching to the raspberry repeater.  Cedaredge repeater is currently down. 

This Friday the 16th is our club meeting. We will have a board call tomorrow. I sent out the zoom info.

Our next breakfast will be Nov 7th in Olathe. We will have the DMR workshop afterwards at the Olathe Community Center. More details to follow.

A survey was sent out, I have received 17 responses back. Please take a look at your spam folder in case you didn’t get it.


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President’s report 10-4-20

Good evening to everyone on the net. Thanks Steve for taking the net.

Saturday was the club breakfast. We had 8 in attendance at Starvin Arvin’s.

Afterwards we had the SET exercise. Thank you to all that participated and I will let Steve/Bill provide the stats.

I contacted Dick regarding the DMR workshop in November. We have selected two dates and John is checking with the Olathe community center or availability. I will be sending out a survey once we have the date.

Club meeting is Oct 16th and next month breakfast will be in Olathe on Nov 7th.

Have a great week.


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Reminder tomorrow is the club breakfast and SET exercise

Tomorrow is the club breakfast at Starvin Arvin’s at 8am in Delta.

SET exercise is from 9-12pm.

Hope to talk to you then!



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Communication plan for Oct 3rd SET exercise

ICS 205 Comm plan b

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President’s report 9-20-20

Good evening to everyone on the net. Thanks Steve for taking the net.

Friday was the club meeting we had 13 in person and 9 on Zoom. Including Tom and Kate from SC, Mark from TX. Thanks Stan W0LQ for providing snack. Steve KI0KY and Bill KC0QXX did a great program on the upcoming SET exercise and VARA software.

Next month’s breakfast will be Oct 3rd at 8 am at Starvin Arvins in Delta. The SET exercise will commence immediately following from 9-12pm. We encourage everyone to participate. Below is a sample of what information we would like to collect on the ICS 213.

Have a great week and enjoy the beautiful weather.


Sample ICS-213 b

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Reminder: club meeting tonight 7 pm

Join us at the Olathe community center or via Zoom.

Zoom info was sent out Tuesday via email.
If you don’t have it let me know and I will forward to you.


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Interoperability Channel Info

5-MHz Interoperability Channels Designated for Wildfires and Hurricane Sally Response


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has announced that two 60-meter channels have been made available, as necessary, for interoperability between US Government stations and US amateur radio stations involved in emergency communications related to the wildland firefighting response in California, Oregon, and Washington, and to Hurricane Sally. These interoperability channels will remain active until the need for these channels no longer exists:

Channel 1 — primary voice traffic 5332 kHz channel center, 5330.5 kHz USB voice

Channel 2 — digital traffic 5348 kHz channel center, 5346.5 kHz USB with 1.5-kHz offset to center of digital waveform.

Frequencies may be modified or added to by FEMA Region 10 for their area or operations due to existing 5-MHz/60-meter interoperability plans for their region.

Amateur radio is secondary on the 5-MHz band and should yield to operational traffic related to wildland firefighting and hurricane response. Although the intended use for these channels is interoperability between federal government stations and licensed US amateur radio stations, federal government stations are primary users and amateurs are secondary users.

The Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) is following FEMA’s lead on the interoperability channel designations for the wildfire and hurricane response. Army MARS Program Manager Paul English, WD8DBY, says he has alerted all MARS members of the FEMA channel designations and MARS members are prepared to support response efforts as needed.

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President’s report 9-13-20

Good evening to everyone on the net. Thanks John for taking the net.

Reminder to everyone, we no longer have a tone on the repeater.

For those that are interested in getting a discounted version of VARA, we are going through Auxcom check the website for more information.

I have been asked to encourage participation in our Oct 3rd SET exercise. We will have ICS 213 forms at our club meeting or you can download them from our site. I encourage you to please write out what you plan to say ahead of time, to make the exercise as efficient as possible.

Looking ahead tomorrow the 14th will be our board call at 7pm and Friday will be the club in-person meeting, we will provide a Zoom option as well. I believe several members get together at the Mexican Restaurant about 5:30 pm for dinner prior to the meeting. Check the calendar for more information.

Reservation has been made for Oct 3rd at Starvin Arvins in Delta. I hope the construction will be further a long before then, as the road is currently closed to through traffic. You will have to take the Confluence by pass to enter the restaurant’s driveway.

Have a great week and enjoy the beautiful weather.


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VARA HF (and VARA FM) Discount.

Below is a text from John Blome, Colorado ARES EC. It details the offer to obtain VARA HF and VARA FM at a discount. Jon says at this time there are approximately 35 ARES members signed up to get the discount. If there are 50 sign-up the price goes down to $50 each for the key that unlocks both VARA HF and Vara FM sound card modems. It may be a couple of weeks before the deal is completed.

For those that expressed an interest in Stan Joslin’s offer for the same discount I recommend you sign up using the link below. Stan has not received the needed 10 requests to get the $15 discount.

The second link in Jon’s email has information on the improved signals VARA HF and VARA FM have over older soundcard and packet modes.

Colorado ARES is in the planning stage for having a CO ARES Winlinnk net.

There is an issue with using older Singal Link USB interfaces with the higher bandwidth/speeds. New Signal Links have a better audio transformer. There is more information on the Tigertronics and Winllink.org websites.

VARA FM is a very promising mode for quickly sending a lot of data between stations in our area. It may be possible to use it on the repeater. Bill, KC0QXX has installed it and is looking for a playmate.

All this information will raise questions. Contact me at ki0ky@arrl.net and you might get some answers. Of course, the ultimate source for answers is YouTube!!

Steve Schroder KI0KY

As you may already be aware, the WinLink Express Winmor soundcard modem has been deprecated. VARA HF and VARA FM are being recommended as replacements due to the higher speed and better error correction.

A free version of VARA is available. However, the paid version unlocks significant additional speed. A group discount VARA license is available for Colorado ARES and AuxComm members. The license cost is $69 if you purchase directly without the discount.

Our discount requires bulk purchase:
Minimum 10 licenses required for $55/license

Please cut-and-paste the following link into your browser to add your name and callsign to the list for the discount:

A simulation was performed and posted on WinLink.org testing VARA HF and VARA FM speeds against other WinLink compatible modes. Results can be found here:

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