President’s report 6-14-20

Good evening. Thank you Chris for taking tonight’s net, I know it went long and at times it was a little chaotic, but it really meant a lot to Oliver! He really enjoyed hearing all the well wishes and congratulations. Thank you to everyone that participated!

Tonight we made him an honorary lifetime member and presented with a plaque for being our oldest living club member. He was also given a 80 years of service certificate from QCWA and Centurion award from ARRL. I have included a few pics from this evening.

After presenting the awards, Oliver showed us his ham shack. He is active in CW everyday,  and today he was even on 6 meters.

He really enjoyed talking with everyone on the net tonight and afterwards we enjoyed a homemade apple pie and ice cream courtesy of Deborah Johnson KD0WVV who some of you may know.

In case you’d like to know a little more about Oliver Lee, he has self published his memoirs which you can be found at

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President’s Report 6-7-20

Good evening to everyone. Thanks Lew for taking the net.

This weekend was our USS Montrose Special Event Station Weekend. I didn’t get to participate however I did stop by and got a great report. It turns out the club made 403 contacts including stations in New Brunswick Canada, mobile Martine station off the coast of FL and even Japan. A great big Thank you to all that participated!

VE test is June 13th, there are two people registered. Registration is officially closed for this session. The next test session will be Sept 19th.

Sunday June 14th our club will be celebrating W0LCI – Oliver Lee’s 100th birthday. Due to COVID we can’t have a party and be there to celebrate with him, so we are going to open up the net for anyone that would like to extend any birthday congrats and well wishes.

A small group will be at his house to present; a plaque from the club, (thank you John KB0RUD for making the plaque), a framed certificate from QCWA and hopefully the Centurion plaque from ARRL, if it arrives in time.

Thank you again to everyone that has helped with the repairs and to Bill KC0QXX for donating the new antenna and Dick KC0JEA who will purchase a new battery for the Cedaredge repeater.

I will get an email out this week to see if anyone will be operating home stations this year, so we can get a head start on field day.

Reminders – 15th is our board call at 7 pm and 19th is our club meeting, both which will be held via Zoom, so look for those emails as well.

Have a great week!


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N0P Uss Montrose Special Event

Next weekend June 6 and 7 join us for the USS Montrose Special Event.

We will operate station N0P on 20 and 40 meters. Station setup starts at 0800 Saturday at the Montrose County EOC. Operations will continue into the night as band conditions allow.

On Sunday we will start again as operator availability allows and continue to 1700 hours local time. The last couple of years lightning has chased us off the air by 1500 hrs.

We will have access to the interior of the EOC. I will bring the coffee! Royce has brewed up a Delta Loop antenna for 40 meters. Help us set up it up and learn a thing or two. Operators and setup help are needed.

Come join us for our first face to face get together in a while.


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President’s report

Good evening to everyone. Thanks Bill for taking the net.

Yesterday we did NVIS HF test and it went pretty well. We had 16 participants that started on the Cedaredge repeater; we went to 80 meters, then 60 and finally 40. Stan and I were thrilled that we were able to get out on all the bands and to hear that others were able to as well. Thanks to Dick KD0ESZ and Steve KI0KY for coordinating.

Speaking of repeaters I have good news, the repeater on Log Hill is back up. Barthold wrote:

Finally got the repeater back up and running. TS1 now has Talkgroup 93 (North America) and TS2 still has Talkgroup 31086 (Western Colorado) by default. You can still dynamically add another talk group to each time slot, of course.

This Saturday will be doing USS Montrose Special Event Station Weekend June 6th-7th. If you are interested please sign up with Lew.

Reminder next VE test June 13th please preregister via the website, there will be a 10 person limitation including VE testers.

Dick KD0ESZ let us know, that Jerry Dennison KD0CDA passed away last Sunday. Thank you Stan AD0ST for getting a condolence card out on behalf of the club.

Thanks all I have for now.


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VE Session test update regarding June 13th

The VE team has decided to proceed with the June 13th exam session, taking prudent precautions. We are limiting candidates to 5. So far one has signed up and two are pending.

I would appreciate it if you could pass the word to anyone who may be interested in testing, and make sure Steve makes the announcement Sunday evening.

Pre-registration will close once we have 5 signed up, or on June 6th, whichever comes first.

Thanks, Art Phillips NN7A, VE liaison.

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Join us for NVIS HF test May 30th

May 30th HF test info

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Field Day Info and Creative Approach Downloadable PDF

Creative Approaches to Field Day 2020

Planning Your ARRL Field Day 2020 Operation

14 May 2020

by Paul Bourque, N1SFE – ARRL Contest Manager

For most of us, ARRL Field Day 2020 is going to look quite different than it did in past years. Considering the impact of social distancing due to the pandemic, many radio clubs and large groups will not gather in their usual Field Day locations this year. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a Field Day first-timer, there are many questions about how to participate in amateur radio’s largest annual on-air event under these unusual circumstances. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you plan this year’s operation.

Don’t Forget 6 Meters

Remember, Field Day is a non-adjudicated operating event and not a “full speed ahead” contest. It is also not an HF-only event — all amateur radio bands above 50 MHz may be used during the event.

This includes 6 meters, which often offers significant propagation enhancements in the summer months around Field Day weekend, to help you make contacts. The band is available to amateurs holding a Technician-class license or higher. If you have an HF/VHF/UHF multi-mode transceiver, try making contacts using 6 meters for SSB, CW, or digital contacts. You won’t need fancy beams or large antenna arrays. A simple vertical or dipole antenna will allow you to experience operating on the “Magic Band.”

Activities for Techs

One suggestion for clubs to consider in order to increase participation among their Technician-class members is to schedule specific times where these club members will monitor designated VHF and UHF simplex frequencies for Field Day activity. Keep in mind that the published national FM simplex calling frequencies should be avoided, and the use of repeaters is prohibited. This way, members who have equipment capable of VHF/UHF-only operation may be able to participate from their homes or vehicles. Your club can choose a list of frequencies and scheduled times in advance, and publish them in the club newsletter, or via email or other electronic means before the start of the event.

On the HF bands, Technician-class licensees have CW privileges on 80, 40, and 15 meters, as well as RTTY/data and SSB phone privileges on 10 meters. If you aren’t a CW operator, try calling CQ on 10 meters SSB in the late afternoon and early evening on Saturday and see if conditions are favorable for long-distance communications. Try experimenting with a simple wire antenna for 10 meters — you might discover that the band can offer plenty of unexpected propagation.

Get Set Up for Digital Modes

You might want to explore one of the newer FT4/FT8 digital modes on 10 meters, 6 meters, or even the VHF/UHF bands. These modes offer an opportunity to make weak-signal contacts when band conditions often do not support voice communications. There have been reports of some great 6-meter openings in recent weeks, and these are likely to occur more frequently as the summer months approach. If you’ve never experimented with digital modes, perhaps this year is an opportunity to give them a try.

If you’ve never used digital modes before, the setup is relatively straightforward.  You’ll need a computer, a digital interface to connect the radio to the computer, and you’ll also need to download one of the digital mode software packages such as WSJT-X. Many modern transceivers have built-in support for digital modes, so in those cases, all you’ll need is the proper cable to connect the radio to the computer’s USB port. You’ll need a version of the software that supports the ARRL Field Day exchange (WSJT-X version 2.0 or later, for example). WSJT-X software is available for free download at ARRL’s book Get on the Air with HF Digital (2nd Edition) is also a great primer for anyone beginning to explore the digital modes.

The Excitement of Ham Satellites

Another area you might wish to explore is operating via one of the amateur radio satellites, or “birds,” as they’re often called. Many hams have had success making contacts via the FM satellites by using a VHF/UHF handheld radio and a small handheld directional antenna, or a multi-mode VHF/UHF transceiver for the linear (SSB and CW) satellites. You’ll only be able to work the satellites when they are overhead, so you’ll need to know when they will be visible at your operating location. Visit AMSAT’s Online Satellite Pass Prediction page at to see which ones will be orbiting overhead, and at what times they’ll be visible. You can find many satellite operating tips and resources at as well.

An Opportunity for Learning

ARRL Field Day 2020 may be the year you decide to participate solo, or with other members of your household. Perhaps the focus of your activity this year can be to expand your knowledge base and experiment with new modes or bands that you never thought of operating on. If you’re a mentor to a newer ham, Field Day can be an opportunity to share some of your knowledge with them, and for you to expand your own operating horizons. This might be the year to leave your Field Day comfort zone and try something new!

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President’s Report, 17 May 2020

Thanks Dick for taking the net.

Friday was our Zoom club meeting. We had 12 total participants, 11 on Zoom and one on the phone.

The big news is that we have received the go ahead for USS Montrose Special Event Station Weekend June 6th-74th. We will be in the parking lot of the EOC. Lew reminded us about the restrictions that we will have to implement to stay Covid19 compliant.

Also we have gotten the go ahead for Field Day so be sure to check emails and the website for any updates. I am currently not able to access the club website, but Dave KE0OG and I are currently working on getting that resolved.

We want to thank, Greg K0GRG who graciously offered to let us use his location and Steve KI0KY for the program on N1MM and info on the HF test May 30th.

Reminder next VE test June 13th will have 10 people restriction including VE testers, so be sure to preregister with Art.


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President’s report 5-10-20

Hope all our mother’s had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

This Friday is our club meeting. We will be discussing alternative options for Field Day. We had three responses from our request to use private property. Lerin, KE0ZMW offered to let us use their 10 acres and wrote: “We have rolling pasture and a craggy mountain peak in our northern acreage. We are at circa 8000 feet elevation.” However they are over 300 miles away from Montrose.

Second option fell through.

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President’s report 5-3-20

Good evening to everyone on the net. Thanks Royce for taking the net.

Yesterday we had our virtual club breakfast on the Cedaredge repeater. We had a total of 14 participants so pretty good turnout.

Afterwards the board had a meeting regarding Field Day 2020. Since it looks like we probably won’t get our application approved by the City of Montrose, we discussed other options, which we will present at the club meeting.  We encourage you to visit to check out ways you may want to get involved this year.

In the meantime we would like to know if anyone has private property and would be willing to host Field Day. I won’t go into all the details, but will say we would not use your facilities, or even your equipment or antenna. If this is something you’d consider please send me an email so we can continue the conversation.

Our club meeting will be May 15th and will be via Zoom. I will be sending out an email next week so keep an eye out for it.

That’s all I have for now.

KK6RNV back to net.

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