Participate in the MARS nation-wide communications exercise

The Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) is conducting a nation-wide communications exercise. One of its objectives to provide outreach to amateur radio stations. The outreach provides for the exchange of situation awareness messages between MARS and ARS. Information is at There are four opportunities to participate.

A MARS member will collect information from stations checking into the MARC Sunday Night Net at 7 p.m. MST on 147.195+.

WWV and WWV/H transmit MARS related messages at 04, 10, and 50 minutes after the hour. WWV transmits the 04 and 10 minute after the hour message. WWV/H transmits the 50 minute after the hour message.

The HQ MARS COMEX 19-4 Voice and Data broadcast is scheduled for 16 November at 2000 MST. The broadcast will be transmitted on 60 Meter Channel 1. Channel 1 dial frequency is 5330.5 kHz. The data will be unencrypted MIL-STD 188-110, aka M110A. The broadcast is intended for both Amateur Radio and MARS recipients.
The following link points to the HQ MARS provided, Amateur Radio MIL-STD Software Kit, — public. The kit includes the M110A modem, a communications terminal, and setup/configuration instructions.

On 17 November, 0900 MST – 0930 MST CO-WY MARS will call a 60 Meter Amateur MARS Interoperability net. This net will be held on 60 Meter Channel 3; Channel 3 dial frequency is 5357.0 kHz. MARS stations will ask amateur radio stations for their zip code and a report on the status of facilities, services, and communications. Unless there are actual failures amateur stations will report everything is normal.

Steve Schroder, KI0KY, can provide more information.

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President’s Report 11-10-19

Good evening to everyone on the net.

Friday will be our club meeting; we will have an internet presentation from Ed Fong on a dual band J-pole antenna.

The board will have our call conference call tomorrow at 7 pm.

With tomorrow being Veteran’s day I want to thank our Veteran’s for their service.

Hope to see everyone Friday at the meeting.

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DMR Workshop

MARC will conduct a DMR workshop on Saturday, November 2, from 0930 until 1200 at the Delta County Work Release Center, 540 W Fourth St, Delta. The workshop will start after the MARC breakfast in Olathe at the Busy Corner Cafe, at 0800. Contact Steve Schroder, KI0KY, and/or attend the breakfast. Bring your DMR radio, hotspot, laptop, cables, and a UHF Yagi antenna.

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President’s Report 10 27-19

Good evening to everyone on the net.

Friday was our club meeting however I wasn’t able to be there.

I’d like to thank Steve KI0KY club VP for running the meeting and John KB0RUD for taking the minutes.

This Saturday is our club breakfast 8 am in Olathe.

That’s about all for now KK6RNV back to net.

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Participate in the Simulated Emergency Test

Colorado ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) will conduct its annual SET (Simulated Emergency Test) on Saturday, October 26 from 0800 to 1600 hrs. The communications exercise is sponsored by the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. All amateur radio operators are invited to participate.
The scenario is that a natural disaster has disrupted the state’s electrical grid. The widespread power outages have caused the failure of communications including telephone, cellphones, internet, commercial broadcasts, and public safety systems. Hams are asked to use battery-powered portable or mobile radios in accordance with the scenario.
For hams in Delta and Montrose Counties, the goals are for hams to pass information about their situation to the county Emergency Operations Center. Participating hams can check into the ARES net on the Raspberry repeater ( 146.910 minus, 107.2 ) between 0800 and 1200 hrs. The Cedaredge repeater ( 147.195 plus, no tone) will also be monitored for reporting stations.
The net control station will direct each station to give its report to the EOC. The report is simple. Just state “This is an Exercise, then give your general location and state the situation is normal. Stating “normal” reduces the chance someone will mistakenly overlook the “This is an exercise” statement.
The Delta County EOC and possibly the Montrose County EOC/MARC club trailer will be operational. The hams at the EOC will receive the reports and prepare a consolidated report. Then they will send that report to the State EOC via radio.
After the exercise, participants can send their comments to Bill Bear, KC0QXX, the Colorado ARES District 8 Emergency Coordinator.

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Participate in the nation-wide MARS Communications Exercise

The Military Auxiliary Radio System will conduct a nation-wide communications exercise in November. A mission objective is for the exchange of situational awareness information between amateur radio operators and MARS members/stations.
Between November 2 and November, 17 MARS stations in Colorado will interface directly with Amateur Radio clubs, organizations and individuals to facilitate two-way information flow. MARS members will provide individual Amateur Radio operators technical support to receive the Department of Defense broadcasts using Mil-STD serial PSK. On Saturday, November 2, hams can receive that information at the Delta County EOC, at the Oncology Center next to the Delta Memorial Hospital, from 0930-1200 after the MARC breakfast in Olathe. Technical support for setting up radios for DMR will be provided as well.
From November 6 through November 17 MARS stations will reach out to amateurs on 75, 60 and 40 meters, VHF and UHF bands/repeaters primarily making use of existing amateur radio nets, except in 60 meters where MARS will be available for amateurs to call. There will be broadcasts on 60 meters from the Department of Defense.
For further information contact Steve Schroder, KI0KY.

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Club Meeting Tonight


Just a reminder tonight is the club meeting 7 pm in Olathe.

Steve will be running the meeting as I will be out of town.

Since next month we will have a presentation from Ed Fong on A VHF-UHF Dual band J-pole antenna tonight’s topics include:
Nominating Committee
Holiday party planning
Winter Field Day planning
Oct 26th SET Exercise

Be sure to bring your “Go Boxes” for show and tell.


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For Sale

Mosely TA-33 triband Yagi (10M, 15M, 20M) for sale.  The parts are match marked for reassembly.  $150

Matt Goetsch

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President’s report 10-6-19

Good evening to everyone on the net.

I have been MIA this week. Yesterday was the club breakfast I believe there were 8 in attendance. Oct 18th is the club meeting.

I received the following email that was forwarded to me:

Name and callsign: ke0mvo


Comment or Question: I am sorry to say that I have to go dark and will no longer be on the air.
I have taken down my antenna and sold same.
I do have all my equipment on (ad #1459183) This would a great setup for anyone new going from Technician to General.
I have enjoyed talking to every one on the net.

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Art Phillips, NN7A, our club VE coordinator, has informed me of a schedule change. WAS: Nov 9th. NOW: Nov 16th. Please preregister no later than Nov 12th. (See schedule by clicking here.)

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