Cedaredge Repeater is OFF

The repeater is spontaneously keying up transmitting a burst of noise. Dick Noble has turned it off. Expect to use the alternate repeater for the Sunday Night Net.

Steve KI0KY

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President’s report 8-2-20

Thanks Bill for taking the net.

Saturday was our club meeting at the Starvin Arvins in Delta. We had 14 people attend which was awesome. It was so good to see everyone! We met our newest member Mark N5LFE who will eventually be relocating here.

The question came up regarding our August club picnic. I believe the consensus is that we are all looking forward to getting together again. It will be at the community center in Olathe Aug 21 at 6 pm. We can drag the tables/chairs outdoors, unless it too hot or mosquitoes are too bad, then we will have it indoors. Bring your own food and XYLs are welcome to join in the fun!

One last item, apologies for any confusion, it appears I miss read an email and Curt W0ALC is still in the area.

Have a good week.



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Club breakfast reminder

Looking forward to seeing everyone this Saturday and Starvin Arvins in Delta 8 am across from the City Market.

We will be in the room to the left upon entry. If you plan to attend and haven’t already let me know, please do so we can alert the cook staff. You will be required to wear a mask to and from your table.

Have a good rest of the week.


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ISO – In Search Of

Message to members: I am in search of VACUUM TUBES. Part of my hobby involved restoring old audio amplifiers and working on old transmitters. A few years ago I didn’t think I was going to have the time to complete some projects. So, at the urging of my XYL I donated 15,000 unused vacuum tubes to a museum free of charge. Now I am in a pickle because I DO have some time and have no tubes. Upon contacting the museum they refused to let me have any of the tubes back. I only needed 30 or so. I was taken back when they even refused to let me pay for them. So, I am looking for a ham that has some tubes he/she might want to part with. I can pay cash, work a trade or any combination. A few hams have been EXTREMELY generous and donated a few tubes for free. That is great also but not necessary. Can anyone lend me a hand with this? 73, Len WA3TJO My email is win@sumomax.com My phone is 970-462-8929 ANYTIME. I am in Montrose.

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Additional event in August

Thanks Lew for letting us know about this event. For more information go to https://illw.net/

This year: 00.01 UTC 22nd August to 2400 UTC 23rd August 2020 (48 hours)

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Equipment for sale

Apologies to Royce, he let me know about equipment for sale and I forgot to mention it at the meeting.

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President’s report 7-19-20

Thanks Robert for taking the net.

Friday was our club meeting at the Olathe Community Center. We had 15 people in person and 5 via Zoom. Thanks Stan AD0ST for bringing snack! We met our newest member KA0DDB Gordon and we had a visitor Ken Tiner who brought some stuff he donated to the club.

We are going to try club breakfast again. We have a reservation Saturday August 1 at Starvin Arvin’s in Delta. We will be in the room to the left as you enter. You must wear a mask going to and from your table.

Other than that, I posted info on the website about the MARS event July 20-24 and volunteers are needed for Rangley Rally Aug 14-16.



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2020 Field Day Results: 3802 Points

I submitted the club’s FD submission today. Click Field Day Entry to see the PDF results.

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Rangely Rally volunteers needed

Colorado ARES Members,

Volunteers are needed for support of the Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office for the Rally Colorado 2020 event. Please use the links below to volunteer for this event.

Those interested are requested to register immediately as planning is being finalized. Please sign up before 19 July.

This is being run as a AuxComm exercise. Colorado ARES members are welcome to participate.


When: 15-16 August (Depending on the distance you must travel to Rangely, please plan for travel days both the Friday before (14 August)and the Monday after (17 August) the event!)

Where: Rangely, Colorado (Rio Blanco County)

Please sign up using the following links:

  1. Register on Rally Data – Click Here (free)
  2. Register for your volunteer license with American Rally Association – Click Here (select “Volunteer License” – no fee)
  3. Housing is provided at the community college dorms for Friday and Saturday nights. Complete the CNCC Housing Agreement – Click Here (Rally Colorado will cover payment with CNCC. Notes from CNCC: A/C is up and running, Cafeteria will be open during that time as an option. Hours are Sat/Sun 11a-1p, 5p-7p.)
    1. Dorms are not available for our use Sunday night due to the community college reopening. However, Rally Colorado has offered to provide rooms in Rifle or Grand Junction for members that do not wish to drive home Sunday evening.
  4. Alternative to dorm housing is available at the Silver Sage RV Park (Friday-Sunday night) for volunteers that wish to bring their fully self-contained RV. Shower and restroom facilities are closed to to the pandemic. Please call the Silver Sage directly ((970) 695-7073) to make your reservations, letting Sadie know you are AuxComm and supporting Rally Colorado. Arrangements have already been made to cover the deposit and cost.

Please email me immediately with any questions.

Best Regards,

Jon Blome – KF0JB
Section Emergency Coordinator
Colorado ARES
720-547-7001(home office)


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Participate in an exericise with Military Stations.

The Military Auxilliary Radio System will conduct an interoperability exercise with amateur stations on July 21 through July 24.
MARS stations using the station or tactical call signs will ask amateur stations for information about actual conditions for infrastructure, utilities, and vital services.
The nets will be at 1200 and 1800 local time on 60-meter channel 1 (dial frequency 3550.5 kHz USB). There is an announcement with further information on WWV at 10 minutes after the hour.

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