President’s report 2-7-21

Good evening to everyone on the net. Thanks Lew for taking the net.

Yesterday was our club breakfast in Delta. We had 13 in attendance & welcomed our latest member, Matt KF0BKQ. We also had a pretty profitable “Junk in the trunk at the Lion’s Pavilion parking lot afterwards. Thanks to all who participated. I didn’t stay for the antenna testing so hopefully we can get a report from someone that went.

If you ordered hat/shirts those were passed out. We will be placing an additional order and I will make announcement at the club meeting.

We met someone that has 60 people that is interested in becoming hams! WOW, it looks like the goal to grow the club this year is happening!

I will be out of town next weekend. We will still have the board meeting via Zoom on the 15th I will send out info early for both board and club meetings.


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