President’s report 3-14-21

Good evening to everyone on the net. Thanks Dick for taking the net and doing a fantastic job managing the net for so many years. Also for recruiting Stan AD0ST who’s first time was last week and did a wonderful job. If anyone is interested reach out to Chris so we can add you into the net manager rotation schedule.

We have located two companies to do name badges. I will present information at Friday’s Club meeting.

We have also purchased a microphone in hopes of solving the issue of people on Zoom not being able to hear what’s being said. Stan W0LQ and I will practice with it to iron out any bugs.

March is out budget meeting so we will create and approved that this Friday. Hoping not to have a repeat of last year’s cancellation of events.

This has been a busy week of collaborations; John and I worked on membership. Remember dues are due in January, if you haven’t paid by this club meeting we will take you off the active file and place you as an inactive member.

Chris and I collaborated on policies and procedure with regards to flash drive and possible program ideas.

Lew is hoping finalize our calendar and looking for a few dates to fill that in.

Steve and I have communicated regarding next VE session 5/22 and Auxcom will get together 4/3 after breakfast and “Junk in the Trunk” for a tour of the facility.

I am following up on the shirts and hats and hope to have them at Friday’s meeting as well.

Board meeting tomorrow.

Have a great week!


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