President’s report 4-18-21

Yaritagua Good evening to everyone on the net. Thanks Royce for taking the net.

disastrously Friday was the club meeting, we had 21 in attendance including 4 guest and 2 via Zoom. (Tom K2PJ & Mark N5LFE via Zoom) Our guests were Bill AB0LG and Scott KF0EHW and Vince and Marilyn who are interested in getting their ham license. We also want to welcome Stephen K1YWH our latest member. I want to thank Steve KI0KY for putting together a great presentation regarding our Sunday night net and keeping a communication log. I will check with Dave to see if I can post it on our site for us to refer back to.

I have the badges that were ordered, so get in touch with me and we can make arrangements to get them to you.

Anyone interested in signing up for snack for May?

Don’t forget you can sign up to receive club emails via this link.

Next breakfast will be in Olathe May 1st 

For those that enjoyed the CQ Serenade, here’s the link.

Have a great week.


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