President’s report 8-29-21

Good evening to everyone on the net. Thanks Stan for taking the net.

I want to Thank Dave for getting our website back up! I was able to check messages and sent a couple comments to Steve for possible VE testers.

This weekend is Colorado QSO if you want to participate with the club reach out to Royce or Bill. I believe they said they will be in McClure pass.

Saturday will also be the club breakfast if you plan to attend please sound off, the restaurant always appreciates a head count.

This month is very busy, look for the Sept Happening email that will go out later tonight or tomorrow.

I did get an email from Chris he is having a great time in Montana. I sent him a reply so hopefully he knows he will be running the Sept meeting.

Again I want to thank everyone that stepped up and are helping out with Imogene run on the 11th.

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