Club Members Provide Comm for Hard Rock 100 Mile Run

Club members Royce, Dave, Bill, John, and Tom pose in front of the club trailer at the Ouray Aid Station. Royce and Bill continued on up the hill to staff the Governer’s Basin Aid Station. Photo courtesy K2PJ.

Every year our club provides communications support for the Hard Rock 100 Mile Endurance Race. These hardy hams staffed the Ouray and Governor’s Basin aid stations. The club trailer, shown in the picture, was used at the Ouray aid station. This race is considered an “elite class” race and people come from all over the world to participate. The race officials were delighted we were there to provide essential communications, and showered us each with a tee shirt, hoodie, and all the food we could eat.

Other club members participated at other aid stations.

About Dave Casler, KEØOG (Webmaster)

Ham radio operator for over 40 years, Dave Casler holds Amateur Extra class call sign KEØOG. He is the webmaster for the Montrose Amateur Radio Club and is happy to receive articles and photos from club members. Dave enjoys HF SSB ragchewing, PSK-31, APRS, and software-defined radio (SDR).
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