Participate in the MARS nation-wide communications exercise

The Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) is conducting a nation-wide communications exercise. One of its objectives to provide outreach to amateur radio stations. The outreach provides for the exchange of situation awareness messages between MARS and ARS. Information is at There are four opportunities to participate.

A MARS member will collect information from stations checking into the MARC Sunday Night Net at 7 p.m. MST on 147.195+.

WWV and WWV/H transmit MARS related messages at 04, 10, and 50 minutes after the hour. WWV transmits the 04 and 10 minute after the hour message. WWV/H transmits the 50 minute after the hour message.

The HQ MARS COMEX 19-4 Voice and Data broadcast is scheduled for 16 November at 2000 MST. The broadcast will be transmitted on 60 Meter Channel 1. Channel 1 dial frequency is 5330.5 kHz. The data will be unencrypted MIL-STD 188-110, aka M110A. The broadcast is intended for both Amateur Radio and MARS recipients.
The following link points to the HQ MARS provided, Amateur Radio MIL-STD Software Kit, — public. The kit includes the M110A modem, a communications terminal, and setup/configuration instructions.

On 17 November, 0900 MST – 0930 MST CO-WY MARS will call a 60 Meter Amateur MARS Interoperability net. This net will be held on 60 Meter Channel 3; Channel 3 dial frequency is 5357.0 kHz. MARS stations will ask amateur radio stations for their zip code and a report on the status of facilities, services, and communications. Unless there are actual failures amateur stations will report everything is normal.

Steve Schroder, KI0KY, can provide more information.

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