Trailer Committee Policy (Draft)

1. Purpose
The purpose of the MARC Club Trailer is to have a enclosed, powered, portable radio station including
portable generator, masts, antennas, power cords and other accessories for use at club activities and
at communications exercises and incidents where club members are supporting such organizations as
ARES, RACES, and MARS. Members will provide the radios and computers used in the trailer/radio

2. Authorized Use
The trailer may be used for club activities and events at which club members are supporting ARES,
RACES, MARS and other similar organizations. Permission for a club member to use the trailer may be
given by any of the committee members.

3. Administration

These policies and procedures are determined by the MARC Trailer Committee.
a. The current members are Steve Schroder KI0KY – Chairman, Bob Schaeffer KJ0G, Royce Seymour
AA0JD, Jerry Hessenflow WB0TT, Robert Barclay KD0JRK, Lew French KØLMF, Dave Casler KE0OG, Matt
Goetsch KD0NUP.
b. The committee prepares a budget for the trailer and provides it to the club officers for approval by
the membership.
c. The committee maintains the trailer and its contents.

4. Activation/Check-out
a. A club member asks of and obtains approval from a committee member to use the trailer.
b. A club member and a committee meet at the trailer. The club member is briefed on use of the
trailer and its contents are noted on an inventory sheet.
c. A club member tows the trailer to the event location. The trailer’s lights, hitch, tires, and safety
chains are in proper order. Appropriate side view mirrors are used on the towing vehicle.

5. Return
a. A club member delivers the trailer to its storage location within 24 hours of the end of the event.
The trailer’s interior has been cleaned and its floor swept. A committee member and a club member
inventory the contents. They inspect the trailer for damage and inventory its contents. Any damage
and missing items are documented. Contents are stored in their designated locations.

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