Weekly Nets

MARC has two weekly nets, both on Sunday evening.

Day/Time Frequency Purpose
Sunday, 7:00pm local Mountain Time 147.195 tone 107.2 VHF net
Sunday, 7:30pm local Mountain Time 3992.5 KHz, LSB, +/- QRM HF net

The following pages are updated from time to time. What is shown here should be the latest and can be used by net control operators.

5 Responses to Weekly Nets

  1. Pete Buckley says:

    Was wondering if your Montrose club has an IRLP node that connects to your club’s Repeater Backbone…
    SCARC is working to replace our club IRLP node that (when installed/working again) will connect our SCARC repeater backbone – into the Denver Reflector…so anyone IRLPing into the Denver Reflector can reach the SCARC repeater backbone.

    Just wondering!

    -Pete N0ECT

  2. Ed Meininger KE0BYM says:

    Please check the offset for the net repeater. It should be positive.


  3. Dean Fouquet says:

    Where can I get an updated list of licensing testing locations for the western slope (Montrose area mainly)


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