Instructions for Users

These instructions show users (club officers, committee chairmen) how to put information on the club website.

First, understand that there are two ways to add information:

  • Add a Post. A post is like a news article, likely to be of interest only for a limited time, say monthly. You can also edit posts you have made previously, but only the posts that you yourself wrote.
  • Pages. A page is permanent information. Pages are listed in the website’s right hand column. This is a good place for information that should stay on the site indefinitely or until modified. An example is a list of area repeaters, or a list of club officers. Only the webmaster may add/change pages, but anyone can create a comment. All comments are reviewed by the webmaster. So if you see something that needs to be modified, just enter a comment.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Create a Post

Let’s say you’re the club president and you want to put up your monthly column. Here’s what you do:

  1. Log in. (Note, you may want to print this page prior to going further, so you can continue to use it as a reference.) On every website page, in the right hand column, there’s a group of links called meta. One of them is Log in, as shown below.

    This is found in the right hand column of any website page

    Click on this. This brings up a screen where you insert your username (your callsign) and password (sent to you individually), as shown below
    log in screen

    This is what you'll see. Insert your username (your callsign) and your password (sent to you in a separate email).

  2. The Dashboard. After login, you’ll be taken to your dashboard, as shown below.

    The Dashboard comes up after you've logged in.

    If you want, in the upper right hand corner is QuickPress. You can enter a title, add some content, and click Publish. Note that you can paste content into this area from another application. But the QuickPress capability is rather limited, so you might want to use the regular post editor to create (or modify) your post.
  3. Adding a Post. Look at the list of menu items along the left hand side of the Dashboard. One of them is Posts. Hovering your mouse over Posts gives you two options. One is to add a post, and the other is to look at all your posts (you can only view your own posts). You can click on Add new. Or, you can click on Posts, which adds menu items underneath, as shown below.

    Click on "Add New"

    One of these new menu items is Add New. Either way, you bring up a screen that says Add New Post.
    add new post

    This is where you'll enter your post's title, content, preview it, and publish it.

  4. Enter the Information. You can put your title where it says Enter title here. You insert your content in the big empty box. Note that this big empty box has two tabs. One is called Visual and the other is HTML. Unless you love to create HTML code, let’s stick with Visual. Note the toolbar, which behaves very much like a word processing program.
  5. Preview Your Post. The first box in the right hand column is marked Publish. Click on the button marked Preview. This brings up another browser screen and it shows what your post will look like. You can close this screen and go back to your Add New Post screen and make any necessary changes until it looks the way you want it to, repeating this cycle as many times as you need to.
  6. Publish your post. When you’re happy with what it looks like, go back to the Publish box and click on the Publish. You’re done!
  7. Bells and Whistles. There are many other options on the Add New Post page, including adding images, selecting the category your post will be in, adding any tags you wish, and so on. You can experiment with these. I do suggest at a minimum adding a category. NOTE: If you add images, please make sure they do not exceed 640 pixels in width! Otherwise they’ll overlap the right hand column.
  8. Log out. Up at the top of your posts page at the very right is something that reads Howdy, ke0og (with your callsign there), as shown below.
    Where to log out

    Hover your mouse button over "Howdy." It'll bring up an option to log out.

    Hover your mouse over this. This gives you some options, one of which is Log out. Click on this and you’re back to the login page. At the bottom of the login page, you’ll see Back to Montrose Amateur Radio Club. Clicking on this takes you to the site’s home page.

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