MARC Net Script 2021

Attention all licensed Amateur Radio Operators, This is __________, Net Control Station for the
Montrose Amateur Radio Club and the Emergency Communications Training net. The purpose of this
net is to be a training net for Emergency Communications and to pass Club information to members.
Licensed Amateur Operators do not need to be affiliated with these organizations to take part in this net.
This is a directed net, meeting every Sunday night at 7 PM local time on the Cedaredge Repeater.
Alternate frequency for this net is the Raspberry Repeater on 146.910 with a tone of 107.2.
Are there any stations with Emergency or priority traffic? Please call now. pause
Any stations wishing to check in Short time call now. pause
This repeater is the primary channel for contingency/emergency communications in the Delta Montrose area. A different check-in procedure may be used for emergency communications training.
Please pause before transmitting to allow break-ins.
This is _________ commencing roll call. This roll is taken from past check-ins to our net. To remain on the active call list you need to check in at least once every few months. (Call the active list)
This completes the roll from the active list as I have it. Are there any other check-ins? Please call now.
(Pick station) Have you copied tonight’s net so far, and can you assume alternate Net Control?
At this point we ask for any reports from the Officers of the Montrose Amateur Radio Club.
KK6RNV is our Club President, any traffic Kathy?
WB0ITG is our Club Vice President, any traffic Chris?
KC0QXX is our Secretary, any traffic Bill?
KB0RUD is our Club Treasurer, any traffic John?
K0LMF is our Activities Director? Any traffic Lew?
K0LMF is Montrose County RACES Officer? Any traffic Lew?
KI0KY is our Delta County Auxiliary Communication Manger, is there any traffic Steve?
KC0QXX is our ARES Region 8 E.C. any traffic Bill
KI0KY is our Volunteer Examination Coordinator. Any report Steve
(Poll the check-in for comments)
Are there any late check-ins or other comments before I close this net?
Our Net Control Station for next week is __from list____________
For those with HF privileges, don’t forget the HF net at 7:30pm local time on 3.992.5 Khz.
This concludes this net of the Montrose Amateur Radio Club, and emergency communications net, and I am returning the repeater to normal use. This is ___________Net Control Station clear.
Note: 1st Saturday breakfast is in Olathe on odd numbered months and in Delta on even numbered months